Transcription of Silence


Transcription of Silence is a live performance that involves dance, video, and sound in which you can move and explore a daily and empty space crossed by gestures similar to vectors, by soul images and by sounds in counterpoint with silence.

The dance communicates with the counterpoints throughout percussive and concrete sounds and with video-images of rarefied landscapes: mountain ranges represented as places of soul, city streets as caves. Shapes that don’t define an area where people and things are enclosed. They just contain the idea of them.

There isn’t any investigation of reality because it is already gone away from us. There isn’t any essence of representing, any idea to catch. But just the effort to reconcile us with daily life, tie our shoelaces again and go out.

After Chinese notebook, this work represents a second chapter of a path to bring the West and the East closer together thanks to Visual Art. The purpose is to follow and preserve a relationship with a world that shows itself as an “investigation of reality”, based on a logic that takes life from an internal, breathing and evocative attitude more than from a collection of data about the world.

Going deep into the dense maze of Chinese mind has the purpose of imagining something you usually can expect from the traditional Occidental philosophy. through what China has said or hasn’t imagined saying, the opportunity to have a new point of view of the European mindset comes to light as well as the chance of discover it from the outside, from somewhere else, for investigating again on it.

Even if the Western mentality is going through the end of an era in a blurry and diluted way, it is not possible to guess any future development of humanity relating to the general theory of relativity, because it means to misrepresent its historical and political identity. The real sense of investigating in an entirely different place -it could help us to borrow the Foucault’s concept of “heterotopia”- means to establish a link with something that shows itself as a mirror in with reflecting and understanding yourself better.


Then, why China? Because from this country, in particular from its complex painting tradition, we can find out a representation of its world. Here the image doesn’t describe events, but it thinks about a relation.

If the Web propagates an algorithmic conception of comprehension in every aspect of our life that affirms a greater number of data we insert to perform a calculation task, a more exact and accurate answer will reach for changing the world for the best. Working between what actually exists and what not, a simple but even extreme conception could finally become a perfect cure for all that madness we are involved into.

Here the reason because the shapes leaving the thoughts to develop itself following their own breath. Spectators just have to follow that process because the investigation doesn’t go through a representation anymore.

The world is no more interpreted as a whole but as emanation of breaths.

When we live aside any logical explication of existence that should give us the opportunity to catch the outward appearance of things, we draw near an investigation to understand what should be important for us. Everything and everyone manifest as a trace, as something that state through the ability to express dynamically -that means showing only into an instant and not into a specific and fixed place- and with the environment itself.

The world comes to build itself as a totality of clues instead of items. And by all those clues, we can try to sketch out a present.