Storie del Rione Sanità


Year: 2015

Length: 35 min.

Sound: Walter Paradiso

Shown at Fondazione Mondo Digitale / Contest: Global Junior Challenge, at Palazzo Senatorio (Rome)

“Rione Sanità” is an ancient area of Naples dated back to 4th Century B.C.

It was built as a burial place, a “valley for deaths”: a place where seeds graves, caves and labyrinths dug into the tuff rock.

This short movie is made up thanks to a workshop that involved some guys who lived in Rione Sanità, one of the most problematic but also amazing neighborhoods in Naples. With the cooperation of those guys, I was able to narrate about 2000 years of that areas’ history exploring catacombs and recalling any historical events happened in that zone. But even  asking people along the streets to interpret historical characters such as Marat, or Sanfelice, an Italian late Baroque architect.