Nera River


Year: 2014

Length: 6 min.

Choreography & Performers: Federica Cucinotta, Denise Patané, Ilenia Ronci.

Sound: Emanuele Maraschini, Walter Paradiso

Production: Dance Continuum


Project made for Dance Continuum Residences. Accademia Nazionale di Danza (Rome)

Performed at Abbazia San Pietro in Valle (TN, Italy).

What we know is influenced by how we achieve that knowledge. It is necessary that our mind gets out and starts to observe itself while it is working.

Forget to find any obvious facts that just exist in the world, whether to not we are there. Now we can only find implicit mental processes. That is mean, our point of view on the reality isn’t a pure image of what exists outside our perspective because those mental processes also influences it and they have finally led us to formulate our concept. Today we use usually tend to mix inventions up with the truth, so any idea of reality, whether to not we perceived is as an immediate one or as concrete one, is a construction made up by whoever affirms having found it out and examined it for us.

Imagine a man who finds himself to sail his boat across a channel. If he couldn’t locate it on any nautical chart and he could neither confide in any nautical symbol -as a lighthouse – or navigational instrument to provide his pilotage, he would probably sail against a cliff or sail away. If he chose the wrong route, he would die because there wasn’t any way in his path. But even if he could sail across the straits avoiding any collision, its form or land feature continues to be unknown. The point is, the route he chose depends on its topography. And that topography continues to remain unknown.