Chinese Notebook


Author and Choreographic/audiovisual conception: Marco Ariano

Video: Walter Paradiso

Dance: Serena Jiang, Song Nailong, Han Han, Lu Zeng, Simone Zambelli.

Music: Marco Ariano

Shown at Accademia Nazionale di Danza (Rome)

Sometimes it can happen you chance upon something you don’t look for, as when Eastern and Western imagination bumps into each other unexpectedly. Chinese notebook represents the first contact with China, the first attempt to disclose a few Oriental Mysteries. Some essential ways to look at things just as they are revealed by the history of Chinese literature and philosophy.

Images and sounds born as considerations coming to light along the path, as when ideas come to strike us along the thread of our thoughts. Any branch of consciousness, no matter if it regards the mineralogy or the study of cosmic rays, comes into the mysticism as soon as it reaches a profundity. The 19th Century concept of rationalism believed it was necessary to find out the real sense of a blade only considering it as a mechanical phenomenon.

Today many of us still follow that the method to investigate in our reality. I believe that the progress of contemporary science should bring a light on a brighter light, a light that  should feed everyday our souls and lead the contemporary human mentality to a deeper dimension. Toward a new synthesis between mechanics, physics, biologics aspects and spirituality. Between material and soul.

What we should we understand about that distant world? We should perceive our life dimension that appears as those sailors’ signals that emerge from the thick fog.