Which world? Which sound? How should we perceive things?

The Time and Space actually exist. And they are both huge. Everything you bump into when you go out your home has never been so empty and so wild. The concept of investigation is made up by travels that being from somewhere, from a daily journey that sounds like a daily pilgrimage.

Think about a new concept of our world and start to listen up each other again. Nowadays, each city has its own seal. But the point is, all towns look very similar to each other, no matter how close or distant they are. That is the triumph of similarity. A triumph covered up by a mix of technology and apologia of senses. Therefore, the relevance of shooting a video or creating an audiovisual image can be really expressed only if we are able to identify ourselves with it.

From my point of view, this is the real meaning of Digital Art, because when you start catching an image, no matter if it is a sound or a photo, you are already a part of it. Furthermore, this process gives you the chance to meet people into the boundaries of technologies, into the world where everyone is automatically connected and where we can find out a new concept of living our present.

My artistic investigation takes life from a need: the necessity to cross through this two-dimensional world we are living into. A reality where digital and real traits, as well as organic and inorganic aspects, are coexisting together. I have started a journey that brings me to work with communities of people unconsciously involved into a process of rewriting both our present and our daily life. I chose to cooperate with them for different reasons: because they have been escaping from that present or because they are part of it. Or, just, because they are crossing my path. I have developed a unique language that doesn’t want to enchant anyone. But it just goes both deep into reality and into itself using words, sounds, images and actions at the same time.

We need to transcend this reality: We are actually conscious that the mainstream is changing us: more up-to-date we keep, poorer we get.

We are all aware that our lives must have a sense. So, pay attention to what you are going to watch. I shot most of my videos into caves, across metropolis’routes or into living mountains. But every time I did it my real purpose was just one: to go deep into the environmental soul.

Today, you don’t need to take care about obstacles or prohibitions. But you need to be particularly aware of things that push and distract you every day. You need to find your proper way to getting to the bottom of that issue.

Hug trees. Talk with rivers as well as with towns. Decode any trace. Pray. Find the time.

Travel by walk. Arrive unexpectedly somewhere without any luggage or any internet connection.

Appreciate even the delay of public transport as well as the lack of fuel in your car.

Love bushes. Love the wind. And love any alley as it would be a path. Don’t believe what people usually say: the truth is that when the time is extending the space is reducing.

A pure joy lies deep into that concept giving us the chance to catch desolation and darkness. I wish you interpret my audiovisual tale as a prayer.

Questions can be useful when we understand that we are powerless in front of them. They just come to brush against any mystery and its edges.

I act like a great chronicler who makes up his stories just going into them truly and deeply. And like them, I narrate all the stories that are happening in our time throughout my audiovisual work.

News from Silence

Walter Paradiso