Sound Research Work


2016 – Rai Radio3. Supported by Valentina Valentini, Ida Vinella, Mauro Petruzziello and Daniele Vergni, I realized a 6-episode radio program on the vocalic and sound dimension of the Italian theatre from 1960s until nowadays.

2010-2016 – I gave some lectures for the Electronic and Digital Art Course. My contribution was principally related to the extension of sounds into performing arts, the relationship between acoustic and visual dimension, and between the physics and the sense of sound. I also wrote articles for the magazine Alfabeta.

2013 – Supported by the Gruppo Acusma, I realized the Festival “Dimore delle voci” (Dwelling of voices), a series of conferences arranges into the studios one Rai-Radio3, with the participation of Chiara Guidi, Ermanna Montanari, Mariangela Gualtieri and Roberto Latini.

2012 – I published the essay “The Archeology of Sound”, that was inserted into “Sonic dramaturgies”  (“Drammaturgie sonore”, Bulzoni , a cura di Valentina Valentini).

2011 – I launched a research group called “Gruppo Acusma”, featuring a team of researches of sound, voice and performative arts.

2010-2012 – I organized three edition of the Dramaturgy of Sound Studio (for the Art History and Performative Arts Department). Alvin Curran, Carlo Serra, Chiara Guidi, Roberto Paci Dalò were among the guests of the event.


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